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Not sure I would have had a clue how to play this without your tutorial image above - but with that, this is compelling and really fun! I made it all the way to the nest - would have loved some kind of game over animation or something :)

I tried my best to polish as much as possible, but times up ^^' A tutorial is clearly missing, I may add one after the jam.

Thanks for your feedback :)


I like the feeling of the raw power system, it's the right amount of challenge! art is so fine and the whole feel of the game is on point.

Thank you so much for this nice feedback :) 


Great game! Was frustrating at the start until I realised the button triggers on up (at least if using mouse), which was why my perfect clicks always missed. If intended for difficulty all good, otherwise maybe consider trigger on down.

It's indeed a click event, not a mousedown. I even didn't think to listen for mousedown, thanks for the suggestion!


This game is very well presented, the art style is great and the overall theme is very well suiting. As mentioned by the other user, it's a bit hard to get the controls at the start, so, I would recommend you to keep a small quick tutorial at the start to make the user's life easy. As a Jam game, I appreciate the game as it is, so well done. 

It would be great to check your upcoming projects ahead of time. All the best!


I have some plans for this game after the jam, and a tutorial could be indeed great to have.

Thanks a lot for your nice feedback :)

Yeah, that sounds great!

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Wow I love this! I hated this minigame in Wario Land 3 as a kid because I didn't get the controls, but when I got the hang of it, it became one of my favorite part. It was such a creative little minigame hidden inside an already brilliant game.

Wario Land 3 was such a gem <3
Thanks for playing my game and for taking the time to write your comment!